50 Weird Designs That Hard To Believe Actually Exists

“These 2022 glasses”

“It’s not like I wanted to plug in the USB?”

“Please, I just need some fresh air!”

“Logo for “Old Town North””

“I am dre, aiming of a white Christmas.”

“Rubber duckies that float upside down”

“I’ve stared at this for an hour trying to figure out what I’m missing.”

“Pity they don’t have a 9¾ floor.”

“This dog statue’s unsettlingly human-like eyes”

“Yeah, let’s put it next to the mirror wall, why not?”

“Sometimes art is just someone’s willingness to do anything versus quality.”

“This mirror in my parents’ house”

“This seems to be written in Klingon.”

“Mouthwatering…hand wash?”

“A cheese cutter from a Swedish museum in Philadelphia”

“Alien sneakers, Yeezy”

Credits:  brightside.me

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