52 Photos Show The Power Of Perspective

The power of perspective is deceptive.

“These flowers look like chickens wearing glasses and holding a cake.”

“I took this pic a few years ago and it still messes with my head.”

“Something went wrong with this London Underground platform, making an optical illusion.”

“A piece of glass acting as both a mirror and a window, creating this weird illusion with coat hooks”

“A photo of a friend at his pond”

“My mother’s scarf camouflages her head with those chairs in the background.”

“The usage marks on my friend’s grill looks like a dog.”

“This water droplet looks like a spoon.”

“I found a mushroom that looks like a slightly overcooked biscuit.”

“Dried watermelon looks like a pizza.”

“This old brick at my house looks like a YouTube play button.”

“The way the sun casts shadows under this structure.”

Source: reddpics.com

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