52 School Lunches That Took Everyone by Surprise

These lunches defied all expectations, featuring everything from bizarre combinations to gourmet presentations that left students and teachers in awe. Imagine opening a lunchbox to find an elaborate bento box or an unidentifiable food mash-up that makes you do a double-take.

“The University Lunch At Copenhagen University. 1.21€ Per 100 Gram”

“My Korean School Lunch! Free For All The Students”

“Middle School Lunch – Honolulu”

“Korean Middle School Lunch. For Students It’s Free, And For Teachers, Like Me, We Pay Around 50 Bucks A Month For 20 Meals. A Good Deal, Honestly”

“My High School Lunch, A Beef Poke Bowl, California”

“Free Lunch In Estonia (Northern Europe), Public School For Grades 1-12”

“Free School Lunch In Stockholm, Sweden”

“$3 School Lunch: North Georgia”

“Lunch In A Public High School In Luxembourg (Filet Mignon)”

“$1 Vegan Lunch At Brazilian University”

“My Korean School Lunch Of Spicy Braised Chicken, Ham And Sausage Stew, And Various Side Dishes”

“Christmas Lunch In A French High School”

“United States, Public Middle School”

“School Lunch In Thailand, 25 Baht, About 0,75 USD”

“School Lunch In California (Free). Zucchini, Radish, Avocado Slices, Grapefruit, Apples In The Bag, And A Bean And Cheese Burrito From A Local Restaurant. The Cafeteria Is Buffet Style”

“This Wiener Soup We Had At School In Finland”

“USA: The Milk I Got During Lunch In High School. No, It’s Not A Meat Cube”

“School Lunch In England – Cost £2.95”

“Lunches Served Last Week In Schools In Georgia, USA. They Are All From Different Schools”

“Tennessee. (There Is A Pizza Under There Too)”

“School Lunch In The Texas-Mexico Border”

“Private School Lunch In Montreal”

“University Lunch In Slovakia, 3,9€”

“Got Served This For Lunch At School In China. Help. Food Wasn’t This Bad Until Recent Administrative Changes. I Just Had To Take A Picture When I Saw This Monstrosity”

“My High School Lunch. Clarification: This Is Orange County, CA. It’s Also Free”

“School Lunch In Russia (Free)”

“Alabama Public High School Lunch”

“School Food Never Disappoints. This Is In France”

“These “Grilled” Cheese Sandwiches I’m Serving To The School Kids At Work. The Cheese Is Sticking To The Tray Like Glue. Lunch Starts At $3.75, USA”

“School Lunch In Japan. The Christmas Edition”

“Elementary School Lunch In Japan”

“Tired Of School Lunch Slander. I Go To A Public School In Pennsylvania, It Just Has Pretty Good Food”

“This Is What They Gave Us For Lunch. I’m A 160 Lbs Track Athlete, With Practice And Weight Training After School. This Did Little To Nothing To My Hunger Level. Glenwood Springs, Colorado”

“American High School Lunch”

“USA: My School Thinks They Are Cool On Saint Patrick’s Day”

“School Lunch Was Epic Today. This Is A Public School In The US”

“Free School Lunch In Washington, US”

“Brazilian School Lunch. It’s Coconut Milk And Some Crackers. They Actually Give Us Real Food Some Lunch Days But When There’re Not Enough Kitchen Workers They End Up Having To Cut Corners”

“My Free School Lunch, Ohio”

“Free School Lunch In Finland”

“USA: My Mom Is A Teacher At My Former Elementary School And She Sent Me A Photo Of Her Lunch”

“My Son Works At A Fairly Prestigious Charter School. This Is What They Served High School Kids For Lunch. Santa Ana, CA”

“USA: My School’s “Chicken Strips””

“School Lunch In Canada”

“My School Thinks This Fills Up Hungry High Schoolers. It’s American High School In Albany, New York”

“I Paid 4,32€ For Lunch At My University In Italy”

“The American School System Calls This A Lunch. You’re Not Allowed To Pack Lunch At My School”

“The “Stuffed Potato” Lunch At My Son’s High School, America”

“The US School Lunch System Is Disgraceful”

“USA: Our School Can’t Afford Hamburgers, So They Give Us Beef Nuggets On Rolls To Save Costs”

“Since We Are Sharing Our School Lunches. It Was On Thanksgiving And It Cost $5”

“School Lunch In America. That Is BBQ Chicken, Not A Chocolate-Glazed Donut. This Cost $3-4”

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