60+ Popular Movies’ Behind-the-Scenes Mysteries

The amount of work it takes to achieve Gamora’s distinctive green skin.

A relaxed backstage atmosphere while that villain you’re scared to death gets ready.

Angelina Jolie shows behind the scenes of becoming a scary, beautiful Maleficent.

Even Geralt of Rivia can’t resist taking a selfie in the dressing room.

Why not have fun if the villains are not real and you actually don’t have to drive anywhere? This is on the set of Wonder Woman 1984.

Uma Thurman getting transformed into the imposing Poison Ivy for Batman & Robin.

Nicholas Hoult finds inspiration for filming Mad Max in literature.

Makeup doing magic in Stranger Things scenes.

Behind-the-scenes shots of John Wick: Chapter 3 with the incomparable Keanu Reeves.

Thanos definitely looks more joyful behind the scenes.

Spider-Man poses for the camera with his colleagues.

Lucifer is the center of everyone’s attention, even in between filming.

Even a talented actor like Leo needs to keep checking the script. This is a shot from the set of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Yara Greyjoy trying to get rid of the water in her boots

If you peek behind the scenes of the Life Of Pi movie, you might notice that some of the water scenes were done indoors.

The hi-tech hidden in even the most uninhabited Star Wars planets.

Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Kate Winslet, and Cliff Curtis on the set of the second part of the Avatar movie

Iron Man without his costume

Here is how Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked in the rotating corridor in the movie, Inception.

Matt Damon wasn’t really alone, even on Mars.

When so many cameras are filming you, it’s important to look properly.

When the Avengers really need you but your hair isn’t ready yet:

Even the royal family has stunt doubles — this is during filming for The Crown series.

Step by step to make the perfect call of the new season.

It must be difficult for Aaron Paul to talk to a robot when there is someone sitting next to him in a striped costume.

For Stranger Things 4th season, Millie Bobby Brown didn’t need to shave her hair. It’s so real that hardly anyone noticed.

At the beginning of the movie, Chris Evans was still young but he “aged” by the final part. These pics show that he becomes happier with age.

When director Todd Phillips is watching his every step, the Joker stops smiling.

In the movie, we can see how easily Mark Ruffalo can turn green. But in reality, it takes a little while.

They can do homework without any magic.

Tom Holland got a tattoo of a spider that is inked on the sole of his foot.

They had to ditch Gamora’s masks and go with green face paint on stunts while filming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Max’s mask from Mad Max: Fury Road was made of a garden pitchfork.

This is how the team from Eternals celebrated the Christmas holidays.

To make the books float in Harry Potter, they used people standing on the other side of the shelves with green gloves instead of animation.

Gal Gadot and her stunt person Stani became good friends.

This baby dummy from Guardians of the Galaxy was also the baby Zach Galifianakis carried around in The Hangover.

Karen Gillan shaved her head to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Black Widow was portrayed by a team of many actors.

This is how Chris Evans transformed into old Captain America.

The cast from Little Women shared how they were taking breaks for French fries.

Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the set of Mary Poppins Returns

To create the makeup for Bombshell, a model of Charlize Theron’s nose had to be created.

Most of the scenes in 127 Hours were shot in a real canyon.

Gal Gadot is making models for the Wonder Woman suit.

All the characters of Missing Link were made of play dough.

Even villains need rest.

How the ending of Gravity was filmed

Guy Ritchie explaining to the Aladdin cast what to do

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Passengers

The stars of Jumanji, Awkwafina and Karen Gillan, are making the rope bridge chase scene.

Behind the scenes of Terminator — Mackenzie Davis is hovering over the car.

Karen Gillan had to spend hours in a makeup chair to turn into Nebula.

It was not an easy job for the cameramen of First Man.

Korg looked quite different from what we saw on the screen.

Driving scenes in Mission: Impossible 7

It was definitely fun to be on the set of Bridgerton — and a little cold…

Not even the cold can stop actors from enjoying ice cream.

Behind the scenes of His Dark Materials

Pirates of the Caribbean extras had to work in any weather. And ordinary shoe covers kept their shoes clean.

Nothing unusual, just Gillian Anderson and Olivia Colman goofing around on the set of The Crown…

And this is how Gillian became Margaret Thatcher.

The wings of Maleficent were added in post-production, and on set, they looked like this.

And special construction was used to make it look like she could fly.

From Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and a helicopter prop

And this is how the Iron Man suit was created.

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