7 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Boost Your Sexual Stamina That Offer Added Health Benefits

Finding sexual stimulants that actually work is an incredible feeling– but finding natural aphrodisiacs that can also help protect your general health is even better. 

Suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction is incredibly difficult. Whether you are a man, or a woman, sexual difficulties can often lead to– or stem from– a number of other problems that affect our everyday health and livelihood. From things like depression, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular issues, mood disorders, and even harder to treat mental problems, like overwhelming shame, guilt, or disappointment.

There are a number of male sexual stimulants and natural aphrodisiacs that can help not only boost your libido and improve sexual function– but may also help iron out some of the other health problems many of us suffer with every single day.

Sexual Stimulants and Natural Aphrodisiacs That Protect Your Health

While most of us don’t go looking for sexual stimulants because we want to sleep better, breathe easier, or have a healthy heart– however there are a number of natural aphrodisiacs that can help improve a number of different bodily functions. Getting you back on track with more than just your sex life.

Sexual Stimulants Containing B-Vitamins

Sexual stimulants that contain B-vitamins have a number of benefits that are just centered around your libido. Many B-vitamins help to increase motivation and energy, in a way that naturally compliments your body. This means that they could be used to help stave off depression. They also play a key role in your brain function and cellular metabolism, helping you to think a bit clearer and keep your body healthy and happy. B-Vitamins are also difficult to get for vegetarians, so as an added bonus, these sexual stimulants can also provide a super boost to supplementing your diet.

Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

Eating good, whole foods and losing weight aren’t just important to your digestive and physical health, but have also been shown to help improve sexual stamina as well as libido. Carrying around excess weight, or eating foods that are high in saturated fats can wreak havoc on your circulatory system (among many other things), which can make it difficult for appropriate blood flow to reach your genitals. Making it difficult to sustain erections, or retain the type of erections that you are used to.


Exercise is an incredibly important part of everyday health, particularly when it comes to joint health and cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardiorespiratory fitness is a main consideration when it comes to maintaining a healthy and active sex life. Being able to engage in longer sessions that are not only more satisfying to you, but also your partner. Being physically fit also means being appropriately flexible for your body type. While this doesn’t mean you’ll be a contortionist for Cirque Du Soleil anytime soon, it does mean that you’ll be able to engage in a number of different positions with a lower likelihood of injury or premature ejaculation.


Despite popular belief, masturbation is actually an incredibly useful natural sexual stimulant. This is because masturbating regularly can not only serve to increase libido as well as sexual stamina– but it may offer some really spectacular added health benefits. Some studies have shown that regular male masturbation can help reduce the risk of certain cancers and infections. For women, masturbation can help keep pelvic floor muscles fit, and certain hormones well regulated. Meaning that it’s worth far more than just the orgasm.

Horny Goat Weed 

Besides just sounding like a natural aphrodisiac worth trying, horny goat weed (or epidedium) is an herbal supplement that has been used for centuries, to help address a number of different ailments. Things like menopausal symptoms, joint pain, and osteoporosis have all been treated using epidedium. In many cultures, it’s also considered a potent natural aphrodisiac, one that boosts stamina, performance, and libido. So this little herb may be able to help waylay a number of uncomfortable symptoms associated with health problems and it also makes a beautiful addition to any garden.

Natural Aphrodisiac Hormone Regulators

Many natural aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants contain hormonal supplements and hormone analogues. This means that they contain nutrients that help facilitate normal hormonal regulation, or provide compounds that your body recognizes as similar to indwelling hormones. These compounds and nutrients can be a sexual lifesaver, helping our bodies to better regulate its own indwelling hormones. But having balanced hormonal regulation isn’t only related to our sex drives– but also to our sleep patterns, energy levels, mood, and a number of other health centric functions. Which are incredibly important, particularly in post-menopausal and aging populations.

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