8 Naughty Gifts Your Boyfriend Really Wants For His Birthday

Meta: Is his birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get him? Consider getting him something he really wants—something naughty!

It’s that time of year again! No, it isn’t Christmas or tax time—it’s your special guy’s birthday. Instead of giving him the same old thing (a BJ, his favorite meal, quiet time—whatever you normally get him), how about you step outside of the box and give him something he really wants? Sure, a BJ may be lots of fun for him, but do you really enjoy it? Probably not. Instead we’re talking about something that you both can enjoy, together.

1. Kama Sutra Sex Guide

Stick a note on the top of the book and tell him he can choose any 3 positions he’d like to try. Wrap it up (the book!) nicely and be prepared to see that look of confusion melt away into pure excitement as he flips through the pages.

2. I Dare You Cards

If both you and your guy are on the shy side but want to make things a little exciting, these cards will certainly excite. Each of the cards are sealed in an envelope and you take turns performing whatever is on the card. Some dares are pretty mild, while others will have you reaching for a cigarette.

3. Naughty Knots Book

If the Kama Sutra is too tame for your bedroom, spice things up a little (or a lot!) more with this intro to bondage book. Same thing applies—stick a note over the book and let him choose what to do first.

4. Bear Skin Rug

If your guy has always dreamt about having a naughty date with a hottie (you) on a bear skin rug in front of a fire, here is your chance to fulfill all those fantasies. Pair this with his favorite whiskey and a pair of sexy heels for you (other clothing is optional for either person) and let the fun begin.

5. A Personal Bluetooth Massager

Find a personal massager that can be controlled remotely. Give him the remote and tell him he can turn it (and you!) on whenever he wants. This can be a lot of fun at home, but even more if you’re out in public. Just imagine his delight watching you trying to contain yourself while in the middle of his birthday party!

6. Naughty Movies

Now we aren’t talking about straight up adult movies, but movies with strong adult themes—Basic Instinct, The Specialist, Sahara Heat, Original Sin… You get the idea. Make the evening a little more interesting by acting the scenes after the movie is over. Just don’t boo each other for the poor acting!

7. Shower Head You Both Share

You know what’s great about getting dirty with someone? Getting clean with them! Shower time with your partner isn’t always the sexiest thing because one of you is always standing outside of the flow of water. Change that when you get a shower head that was built for two people to share and the hot water isn’t going to be the only reason the bathroom is steamed up!

8. P.2 Silicone Ring

Okay. This gift may be outside of your guy’s comfort zone, but when you tell him how amazing his climax will be with this—he’ll be ready to try it. This ring is designed to give him a satisfyingly full erection (for you), while the tip gives him an pleasurable (but gentle) push on his prostate, sending him over that blissful edge of ecstasy!

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