9 Awesome Products You Can Buy This Week

If you are lifting heavy ass weights, consider getting knee sleeves. They keep your knees warm between sets, and helps keep the tendons and ligaments compressed, helping with stability in the lift overall

A Weightlifting belt – Never throwing my back out lifting weights ever again. This has helped me to avoid injuries and helped improved my proper form while lifting.

I am a firm believer that because water is such a destructive force, having a pump on hand that can remove water to a very low level, is great “insurance.” In that regard, this pump does not disappoint

Elevate your bathroom experience from routine to wonderful. This toilet seat bidet comes has features such as a premist, a heated seat, warm water, and pressure controls that go up and down on a +/- scale

Lifting with chalk is a completely different experience than without. Nothing like your grip being perfect when the weights get heavy. Makes a huge difference in deadlifts and overhead presses

If you are tired of carrying bulky laptop chargers, this thing is 60% smaller and charges devices fast!

This ingenious tool was designed to fit and tighten nuts, bolts, or clamps at angles that are tricky to get at otherwise. Dad might have a lot of tools, but there’s no chance he has this one

This pre-workout WORKS! I was able to lift more weights and the recovery time between sets was significantly reduced.

Just a reminder, get a damn dashcam! The money you spend on it can potentially save you thousands of dollars and many future headaches

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