A 1 Year Old Child Fell To What Should’ve Been Certain Death. But Watch THIS…OMG.


These passers by noticed trouble two stories up.

Our society focuses on fictional superheroes because we’re drawn to the seemingly impossible. Lines of people will wait to see a new Ironman or Captain America movie… but probably don’t give a second’s thought to the real heroes out there. There are thousands of men and woman that save the lives of others, but no one knows that they are doing it.
Take, for example, this man in China. He was just walking down a street when he noticed tragedy in the making… and then stopped to help. Most passers by kept on going, but he and another man stopped to save a life.

Immediately, they acted… and one man saved the life of a child.


Watch his heroism in action; your jaw will drop when you see just how miraculous his save was.

Heroes are real. they just might not be who you think they are. Share this man’s incredible act of heroism with others; hopefully some people can learn from his heroic example.

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