A British Photographer Takes Honest Wedding Photos

Ian Weldon is a British photographer who says that he is not a wedding photographer, but a person who takes photos of ceremonies without any untruths. No one is posing, everything is natural and this is how weddings really look.

Sometimes preparing for the ceremony can be as interesting as the wedding itself.

A wedding always has a wide range of emotions from happiness to a slight sadness.

Ian calls his working method “democratic photography” and says that each person and object is important in every frame.

Instead of the standard group shots, where everyone stands in one row, the photographer takes spontaneous shots and documents everything.

Kids make photos especially nice and funny.

Of course, brides do too.

Celebrations can be pretty tiring, and some of the guests get really exhausted. Why not capture these emotions too?

That’s the photographer himself. Recently he had an exhibition called ‘I Am Not A Wedding Photographer’ at the Martin Parr Foundation in London.

Credits:  www.instagram.com


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