A Labrador Interrupts A Football Game To Receive Belly Rubs

One excited pup interrupted an international match between Chile and Venezuela’s women’s teams at the Estadio La Granja stadium for a belly rub

During the 36th minute of the game, the black Labrador went straight for Chile’s goalkeeper Christine Endler and flopped in front of her for pets

A small group of players attempted to lure the pup away from the field or capture it, however, it was too quick and cunning

The crowd didn’t seem to mind as they cheered the dog on while it dashed around the soccer field

Two Chilean players came together and were able to carry the dog off the pitch. The game then resumed, finishing 1-0 in favor of Venezuela

The pup didn’t seem to mind too much, as its tail kept wagging excitedly

It is unknown whether the dog has owners at the point of writing, but we wish the pup all the best and lots more belly rubs in his lifetime!

You can watch the full video here

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