A Male Model Who Didn’t Get The Memo That 50 Years Is Too Late For A New Career

1. So tell us a little about your background, have you always been interested in modelling? What has led you to where you are now?

“Hi, my name is Pip I teach young people on the Prince’s Trust Program in Huddersfield. I have been modelling for 4 years and started just before my 50th birthday. I never had any plans or desire to become a model especially at my age. It just happened. I was approached by 2 university fashion students from Huddersfield who were doing their last year project creating a magazine aimed at the middle-aged gentleman who was into fashion. I agreed reluctantly and it took off from there. An agency saw the images and I agreed to sign for them. I have always been relaxed about it and as it’s not my main income I do not worry about getting work. I see it as an opportunity to have fun, be creative and earn some spending money.”

2. As a more mature male model do you face any particular challenges in the modelling world?

“As I am relaxed about modelling I haven’t faced any barriers regarding my age. Photographers who hire me do so for my specific look and age has given me character which helps with portraits.”

3. What’s your idea of a perfect photoshoot?

“A perfect photoshoot would be one that is fun, creative and both the model and photographer achieve what they set out to do hopefully producing some good images.”

4. What do you look for in a photographer?

“What I look out for in a photographer is a mixture of personality, good communication skills, knowing what they want from an image, being able to execute the image and good editing skills.”

5. Do you have any tips for male models just starting out at modelling?

“The best tip I would give for any models starting out is to ask yourself why do you want to model? Is it for the right reasons, what kind of model do you want to be? Have fun, be creative and most of all be yourself.”

6. How has PurplePort helped you?

“PurplePort has helped me build up a positive reputation and relationships with other creatives. It has been a platform for me to showcase my images and gain work.”


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