A private mobile island is a billionaire’s newest toy

This mobile floating platform is the “Kokomo Ailand (Island)”.

From the same company that is making and selling private submarine yachts, Switzerland’s “Migaloo” designers are now offering the biggest privately owned sea vessels ever conceived.

Its main “beach deck” spans 384 feet long and wide.

Take an elevator to your penthouse for a perfect view sitting at 262 feet above sea level.

Inside it has a waterfall, 2 beach clubs, a spa, gym and a beauty salon.

If you like ocean nature, there’s a second elevator that takes you to a shark feeding station…or go another level down to the underwater dining saloon.

All of the plants will be living…no fakes for the ultra rich.

If you’re a billionaire, like myself, you’ve gotta have a helicopter pad.

VIP and guest deck is located under the beach deck. Each room has a private balcony with an infinity pool.

Addition toys include installing an outdoor movie theater and personally designed gardens along with about anything a client can think of.

My favorite part is the penthouse which has a glass-bottomed jacuzzi.
You can simply look down to make sure your submarine yacht is still parked out front.

The island gets around using its 8 massive engines which cost a half a million dollars to refuel.
Getting from continent to continent will take time because it moves at a max speed of 8 knots (around 9mph).

Cost of it all?
According to Migaloo’s representative,
“the price depends strongly on the client’s wishes.”

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