Abandoned cat has an ultra cool buddy to keep him company

Everybody on the planet can use a helping hand and a friend when we’re in need, regardless of whether or not you’re a human or an animal. We all need to be loved and cared for, and when we find just the right situation, it can turns everything around; bad days become good and what looks like a dire situation, can become better.


Especially when you have a superhero on your side.


This is Koma. A family in Japan noticed an abandoned kitten on the side of the road. They decided to take him in as a new member of the family. They figured he was just barely three days old and was certainly not going to make it without intervention.


He could barely open his eyes, and the family had to care for him, full time. They started documenting his journey from being a helpless and homeless cat to becoming the newest member of their family on Instagram.

So far, that feed’s got close to 70K followers.


At first, all they did was feed him and keep him warm in blankets


Even though he had a house full of humans to keep an eye on him, he still was insecure. He spent most of his nights crying, shaking and having some night terrors, which made his family think of giving him some company in his box, in the form of an Ultraman figure.


Since Ultraman’s the kind of hero that protects the weak and innocent by fighting monsters, he seemed like a good fit to keep an eye on Koma and the kitten took right too him. There were no more nightmares.

Now that’s too cute for words. Yes, there’s a cat hair in my eye and it’s making it water. Nothing more. Shut up, you’re crying.


Now, Koma doesn’t go anywhere or do anything without his Ultraman figure. He carries him everywhere, and his family poses him in funny positions and shares the pictures for Koma’s Instagram fans.

Check out some of those adorable pictures.






Just this past September, Koma celebrated his 1st birthday, and he’s now just a regular cat, doing regular cat things. Quite the change from where he was a year ago, and I think we can all safely say that it’s all Ultramans doing.



Guy’s a hero.

Take that nightmares!


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