Adult Movies With A Big Budgets

Ever since Al Gore “invented” the internet, the porn industry has fought tooth and nail against freebie sites, including a big budget push to try and remain relevant. Though these films don’t come anywhere near the cost of big budget Hollywood productions, they did have shockingly high price tags. I mean, some of these could be reproduced in my garage for a couple hundred bucks and a handy cam. Not that I would ever do that or that you should look for my casting calls on Craigslist or anything…

Conquest (1997) – $150,000

Perhaps the first big budget porno, this film paved the way for high dollar parodies and legit movie star salaries.

Flashpoint (1998) – $220,000

Adult film mega movie maven Jenna Jameson stars in this backdraft parody. Find’em hot and leave’em wet, Jenna.

Manhunters (2006) – $250,000

This big budget production is one of the greatest successes of all time in the industry. It was nominated for 17 AVN awards and took hom 6.

Operation Desert Stormy (2007) – $250,000

Even James Bond films aren’t safe from porn parody. This skin flick does a good job mixing in a few laughs between thrusts.

Upload (2007) – $350,000

Considered one of the biggest hits ever in the Adult Film world, this X-Files-esque spoof made used of expensive, high def cameras and swept the AVN awards.

Fashionistas (2002) – $500,000

Praised for its Hollywood quality costume designs, Fashionistas garnered a record 22 AVN nominations, taking home best picture.

Pirates (2005) – $1 Million

Talk about production quality. This porn had its own original music score and over 300 special effects (silicon implants not included). Another hit for Jenna Jameson.

Uninhibited (1995) – $1.2 Million

This movie was so well made that premium movie channels, such as HBO, edited the movie down to an “R” rating and aired it.

Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge (2008) – $8 Million

Porn is no different than Hollywood, ever rousing success is followed by a sequel. It did relatively well despite being essentially the exact same movie (aren’t they all?).

Caligula (1979) – $17.5 Million

There is some debate about whether or not this should be considered an adult film. There were a few major movie stars that appeared in the film that revolves largely around a massive orgy… I guess there’s only one way to find out for yourself.

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