Adultwork Escorts: How to Tell Friends and Family You’re a Sex Worker

There will always be those times in life when you have to have awkward conversations with your parents. Your first serious girlfriend or boyfriend, confessing to something you’ve done that you probably shouldn’t have and basically bringing up anything you know they won’t approve of.

But when it comes to awkward and difficult conversations, none can be more difficult than telling friends and family you’re an escort. The services of UK adultwork escorts are more popular than they have ever been, and the stigma of the whole thing is gradually starting to fade.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it any easier to confess to something they’ll probably never see from the same perspective as you.

The Growing Prevalence of Escort Services

More people than ever before across the UK are using the services of professional escorts. Some looking for guilt-free sexual gratification, others being more about charming companionship and more general enjoyment, all of this by simple typing: escorts near me and voilá

But irrespective of which type of escort services you provide, you’ll almost certainly be subject to the same pigeon-holing by some. People often fail to draw distinctions between street-walking prostitutes and the most sophisticated escorts, despite the fact that they are both clear and enormous.

Still, if you have made the decision to tell your parents or anyone else that you work as an adultwork escort or in the ‘adult entertainment’ industry, knowing where to start can be the ultimate challenge. The following tips from those who’ve ‘outed’ themselves could help, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide how things go down:

  1. Question your motivations for coming clean

First of all, you need to think carefully why it is you have decided to tell your parents or family members in the first place. If it is simply because you have a guilty conscience and want to feel better, you might want to rethink the whole thing, because let´s face it, working for the adultwork escort industry is still a taboo. After all, if making yourself feel better means making your closest family members feel awful, telling them might not be the best idea. There are some instances where ignorance can indeed be bliss, so don’t make a mistake you’ll live to regret.

  1. Don’t expect it to be well received 

Even if your friends and family members are relatively open minded, you can’t expect information like this to be particularly well received. If anything, you’re more likely to be met with open mouths, expressions of pure shock and complete and utter bewilderment. If this happens, don’t immediately mistake it as judgmental attitudes on their part. It could be nothing of the sort – it’s most likely just a case of absolute surprise.

  1. Consider bringing it up quite casually

Often times, setting the stage for the revelation in the wrong way only stands to make things worse. You tell your parents, partner or friends you need a serious talk; you arrange an appropriate time and you gather sternly around the coffee table. By this point, they’re already nervous, worried and expecting to hear something terrible.  Which means that when you do come clean about what you do, they’re primed and readied to react with shock and horror. Sometimes, slipping it into conversation in a more casual and light-hearted way is the preferable option.

  1. Spare them the details

You could be the most notorious dominatrix of the past decade and get up to the most elaborate bedroom gymnastics that would make the average individual squirm. When revealing what you do for a living to others, you really don’t have to get into this kind of detail. Remember that many girls in this adultwork escorts field provide services of pure companionship, with nothing even remotely physical ever entering into the equation. If you think it might help lessen the impact and keep your family members on your side, you can always lie about the nature of the services you offer.

  1. Give them time to digest the whole thing

Last but not least, you can expect an initial and more or less inevitable knee-jerk reaction. Emotions and adrenalin levels will be running high, meaning whatever happens during that initial conversation will not be based on logic or rational thought. This is something that will only come later, so be prepared to give your family members time to digest the whole thing about adultwork escort. Even if they freak out and go nuts on the day, they could see the whole thing from an entirely different perspective in a few days, maybe a couple of weeks.

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