All Siblings Are Like This

When you don’t trust your siblings:

“Gonna have to throw the whole brother out.”

“I went to Sephora with my sister yesterday and walked out of there a human makeup pallet.”

“My brother thinks that, by leaving half a sheet on the roll, he won’t have to change it.”

“My sister leaves empty bowls in the fridge for weeks.”

When your sister gives you a present:

“This always makes me laugh when I’m feeling down. I love my sister.”

“My brother has a habit.”

When your sister decides to try them all:

“I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I found this:”

When your sister uses the same knife in the peanut butter and then also in the jelly:

“My brother needed a place to stay for the night, so I built him a home.”

This might happen when you are the youngest sibling:

“My brother never finishes the cheese dip. He just keeps buying them.”

“How my brother puts the paper towel roll back.”

“My brother ate the ham out of all 5 Lunchables and put them back in the refrigerator.”

“My little sister left cheese on our R2D2 Xbox 360.”

“My sister opens them up to check the flavor and then puts them back.”

Life with younger brothers:

“How my sister cut this cake:”

“My sister only eats the chocolate from the top container on the YoCrunch yogurts, leaving the rest of us with plain vanilla yogurt.”

“My sister & I compete for ‘worst present’ every Christmas… She won this year.”

“The way my brother cuts his pizza.”

“My brother somehow does this to every toothbrush he can find. I have to hide my toothbrushes from him so this doesn’t happen.”

“My sister’s been back from college for only 2 days and this is what the counter looks like already.”

“The way my sister uses sticks of butter. Finish one first for goodness sake!”

“How my little brother put the ice cream bucket back into the fridge after eating it.”

“Today was extremely hot and my brother offered me this. I don’t know if I should be angry or impressed.”

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