All The Best Deals At Amazon This Week

1. 30% off a SodaStream to transform plain ole tap water into ✨ sparkling ✨ water, which is way more fun to drink (especially if you flavor it).

2. 58% off an indoor cycling bike if you want to take the Peloton app for a ~spin~. It won’t take you long to realize why everyone’s so obsessed.

3. 41% off a sushi making kit so you can prepare and serve up beautiful homemade sushi rolls (instead of hitting up Seamless for the 5th time this week). The molds are super duper easy to clean, and reviewers say it’s easy to use, even for beginners.

4. 22% off a set of resistance bands if you’ve been looking for a simple way to up the intensity of your at-home workouts. There are five bands ranging from extra-light (10 lbs resistance) to extra-heavy (115 lbs resistance), and they can be integrated into a variety of workouts, from lifting to yoga to stretching.

5. 39% off a gel memory foam seat cushion because if you’re sitting down for long periods of time, it should be on something soft, comfy, and supportive — both for your back health and because, well, who wants to be uncomfortable all day long? This is specially designed to support your tailbone and relieve pressure, aka bye bye back pain!!

6. 26% off a pair of blue light-filtering glasses that may help reduce eye strain, headaches, and even insomnia that can be brought on by staring at a screen all day long. 😵‍💫 Plus, these are so cute and stylish, you’ll actually want to wear them.

7. 25% off an inflatable swimming pool since the best way to cool off on a hot summer day is by taking a quick little dip and splashing around… but not all of us have the space or budget for a large backyard pool, hence this, aka the next best thing.

8. 29% off a pair of Bose noise-cancelling earbuds that many reviewers praise for having high-quality sound and noise-cancelling technology (even compared to over-the-ear models) while also being super comfy.

9. 30% off a lavender-scented plush cat warmie since this soft and snuggly stuffed animal turns into the ultimate cozy companion after you heat it up in the microwave. Reviewers say that it holds heat and stays warm for a long time!

10. 27% off an air mattress with a built-in pump that’s so comfy and firm, you and your guests will probably forget it’s not actually a real bed. Finally, no more waking up to a half-deflated mattress in the middle of the night!

11. 40% off a pair of glass espresso mugs featuring double-walled insulation, because it allows your coffee to stay hot while the outside of the cup remains cool to the touch! Plus, they just look super classy, too. Leave them out on display in your kitchen for some ~hip cafe vibes~.

12. 25% off an insulated stainless steel travel mug for folks who find that by the time you get around to actually drinking your coffee, it’s usually lukewarm. Well, that’s a problem you needn’t worry about anymore, as this will keep your drink nice ‘n toasty for hours!

13. 21% off a roll of Gorilla tape because this heavy-duty duct tape can basically fix anything. OK, maybe not anything, but almost anything — even those jobs that are just a bit too much for regular duct tape. Reviewers say it will even hold under the hot summer sun. ☀️

14. 50% off an Oral-B electric toothbrush that has three different brush modes and even AI-coaching to make sure you get a really deep and thorough cleaning each and every time. The result? You smiling 24/7 to show off your sparkly pearly whites. 😁

15. 36% off a bucket hat with ponytail hole, because neither the blazing hot sun or pesky wind stand a chance when you’re wearing this! Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric, handy ponytail hole, and adjustable chin strap, you’ll actually enjoy being outside, without worrying about sunburn *or* your hat blowing away.

16. 71% off a selfie stick that can easily be converted into a tripod stand, for all my ~content creators~ out there — now, no matter what, you can snap the perfect selfie every time you go someplace cool.

17. 46% off a vintage-inspired bohemian area rug to add a stylish pop of color to your space (while also protecting your floors). Talk about a win-win!

18. 38% off a portable air conditioner since the season of unbearable heat waves is upon us, and you’ll need a way to keep from melting. With 1200 btu, a three-speed fan, and a dehumidifier function, this will keep your room cool — and since it’s portable, you can move it as you need it (say, from home office during the day to bedroom at night). ❄️

19. 57% off a wooden entertainment center that has tons of storage space and a built-in electric fireplace (!!!), aka this will make your living room instantly feel both cozy and classy. And don’t worry, you can turn on the fireplace display without turning on the heat — so you can enjoy the ambiance even in the summer.

20. 25% off a leak-proof kids bento box with five compartments, because it makes packing a healthy lunch way easier for you and actually eating said lunch much more enjoyable for them. Perfect for summer day camps and the school year!

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