Saturday , 17 November 2018

Amazing Secrets of Ordinary Things That Can Change Your Life

Billions of dollars each year goes Coca-Cola thanks to their secret formula. They say only two execs know the formula with the original document with the formula written on it is kept in a vault in a permanent interactive exhibit at Coca-Cola HQ.

Colonel Sanders created his “Original Recipe” in July of 1940 consisting of 11 herbs and spices, and it’s still used on KFC chicken today. Only 2 execs know the full recipe. It’s so secretive that half other ingredients are mixed at one location, half at another, and combined at a third. The physical copy of the recipe is stored at KFC’s HQ, but a little birdy said the recipe has leaked.

The fourth album from Led Zeppelin had a few unusual signs on the cover instead of the name of the band. Each symbol represented each band member in some way, however, they all refuse to comment on what they all mean.

Every Major League baseball is rubbed down before each game with this special mud. Prior to 1930, balls were rubbed with a variety of substances for grip and dexterity, until one day when Lena Blackburne rubbed a ball in mud. The origin of the mud has been kept secret ever since, and only the business owners know where the mud comes from. (I’ve tried using other mud and it’s never the same)

The magician that knows this trick can produce and card requested by the audience from the deck without even touching it. The trick is only known by 2 people: David Berglas, the inventor, and his apprentice, Marc Paul. To this day no has been able to duplicate the trick.

Austria’s biggest kept secret is this imperial napkin fold. The design was only used at the tables of Austro-Hungarian royalty. There are no written guidelines on how to manipulate this fold and only a few government employees know the secret. They pass on the information once they retire.

Few people know this but plasma screen television tech was researched and developed exclusively by Samsung. They would have had the monopoly on the tv business, except that one of their employees stole all the secret files on his last day there and delivered the secret tech every Chinese tv company manufacturer.

Since the Academy Awards started, there has been no leak of information about the winners. The results of the ballot voting are calculated by hand at PricewaterhouseCoopers. They take half the results in 2 separate suitcases and are escorted to the venue by LAPD officers.

Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” is a revenge song about god knows who? There are a lot of rumors who the song is really about, including some celebs, but Simon has never shown her cards. In 03′, Dick Ebersol, president of NBC, won the chance to know the secret in an auction. He signed an agreement to never share the info.

Robert B. Thomas designed the special Almanac’s formula that is used to predict the weather. The Almanac’s popularity depends on the precise weather forecasts for farmers, so it’s no surprise that the formula is kept secret. The only two people that know the formula is the Almanac’s editor and their anonymous meteorologist.


In the standard French deck of cards, the King of Hearts is depicted rather strangely. He’s the only king without a mustache. Moreover, he’s the only king who appears to be sticking his sword into his head. There are several theories in this regard.

-The first hypothesis suggests that the King of Hearts originally wielded an ax in his left hand. However, as a result of centuries of bad copying by card makers, his ax disappeared, becoming more like a sword.
-Another theory claims that the King of Hearts represents the emotionally disturbed Charles VII (King of France). According to popular belief, the King went insane and put a sword through his head from fear of being poisoned.
-Some historians also argue that the King of Hearts represents Ajax the Great, while the Queen of Hearts is Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world. Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen. But when she refused him, he chose to commit suicide by stabbing himself with his own sword.

A plastic bottle can exude dangerous chemicals. Pay attention to the special signs on the bottom: those numbered triangles indicate which kind of plastic was used.

-A bottle labeled 1 (PET or PETE) is only safe for a single use. When exposed to oxygen or high temperatures, including heat from the sun, such a bottle will discharge toxic substances that get into the water.
-Avoid bottles labeled 3 or 7 (PVC and PC) as they exude toxic chemicals able to penetrate your food and drinks. Lengthy exposure can even result in severe health problems.
-Bottles made of polyethylene (2 and 4) and polypropylene (5 and PP) are suitable for multiple uses. They’re relatively safe if you only store cold water in them and regularly disinfect them.

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