An Apartment Manager Was Getting Bombarded With Complaints. Upon Closer Inspect… OMG!


That’s not so bad! The guy in 4C is running an Airbnb for crying out loud!

When your tenants are constantly calling you to complain about the presence of bees in your apartment complex, it’s safe to assume that when you show up to take care of the matter, you’re going to see a flying insect or two. Seeing that this many of them have decided to reside in one of your buildings as well, however, would likely come as a surprise to you.

Check out the wing the bees were able to add on for themselves and see what all of their neighbors have been buzzing about.

Oh my.


Wait a second. You ALL met on Craigslist?


There’s no way this hive is up to code. I see an eviction notice in their future.


Wow. It’s no wonder the tenants wanted them out. With that many bees in one place, even their “get-togethers” must seem like pollen-fueled ragers.

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