Wednesday , 12 December 2018

Animals Are Out Best Friend

It’s pretty well-known that penguins ‘propose’ to one another by finding and presenting a pebble to their potential mate, but it turns out that that isn’t where the romance ends with these flightless love birds. Once together, penguins are virtually inseparable. The only time that are separated are for hunts and during extreme blizzards in which they get lost.

Elephants showcase their affection for one another with their long and powerful…trunks. As a nice little reminder that they love on another, they constantly play with their ears, tails, and bodies by giving them little love taps with their trunks. When things get even more heated, they will often intertwine their trunks and get into a little friendly sword fight while letting out little yelps of joy.

A big, bone pickin’, screaming, Black Vulture doesn’t exactly scream “romantic” bird, does it? Well, it turns out that, much like penguins, once they are hitched up, they’re rarely ever seen away from each other. When they have kids, each vulture has their own specific ‘parenting duty’ and they work together to ensure that they successfully raise their family.

Two Albatrosses that are madly in love will often ‘dance’ with one another. This dance consists of head bobbing and a form of kissing in which they knock their beaks together. They also let out little laughs. This isn’t just something they do to mate, either. It’s a way they show affection to one another.

The Angler fish is notoriously one of the ugliest sons a bitches on planet earth today. Their methods of showing affection aren’t very cute either. In fact, it’s the opposite, which is why I thought I’d throw it into this post. The male Anglerfish will bite the side of the female, literally attaching himself to her. He will then slowly absorb into her, melting into what is essentially a sack of sperm, which then impregnates her. Beauty.

In taking a turn to something a hell of a lot more adorable, let’s take a look at rabbits. These adorable little buggers showcase their love for one another by play fighting. In simple terms, the male and female prance around, chasing each other with little joyous hops until the female jumps right on top of the male and shows a little love. She will then continue to prance away and have him chase her. This goes on and on until they’re ready for some real lovin’.

Monkeys, like humans, tend to piss off their partners every now and again. When that happens, they remind each other that they really do love one another by grooming them and giving them little kisses.

Swans are closely associated with romance. This is because they are known to take mating for life incredibly seriously. If the partner of a swan dies, the widowed swan will never mate again. How sad/beautiful is that? In showing affection for one another, swans will often boop heads, forming what looks like a heart.

Prairie Voles, like Black Vultures, do everything they can to ensure that they both raise their young as well as possible. They both contribute equally to raising their young and providing a safe and secure home for their little family. And, at the end of the day, they will cuddle up together and fall asleep.

The Lovebird is a perfect example of how animals can be hopeless romantics. Not only to they often bring each other gifts to remind each other that they’re still madly in love, they often cuddle up and rub up against each other for hours on end.


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