Animals Are Way Too Emotional

My wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he’s “still under the influence.”

When you realize it’s your cake:

When the hairdresser exceeds all expectations:

He ate something forbidden and turned around with this face:

“She wanted to drive and I said no…”

Looks like a cartoon bomb blew up in her face:

I was having a horrible day until I came home to this face in the window:

When someone’s left you for the whole night and now you’re waiting for an explanation:

When you’re begging not to do this:

“She said the view was pretty. I told her she was prettier.”

She stared at the spider with this face for 15 minutes:

When you realize there’s going to be an addition to the family:

The exact moment he understood he was heading to the vet:

Past the dog park and to the vet:

When someone’s lying to you but you know the truth:

When you forget to let the cat in:

My dog puts her ball in my lap and then gives me this face:

When your beloved human finally comes home:

So proud.

When someone asks if you want a hot dog:

Your face when you beat everyone and get what you wanted:

When someone you don’t like is trying to kiss you:

When you were rescued and now you know that everything’s gonna be fine:

“I’m done.”

The most fearsome predator!

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