Are There Pigs That Stay Small Forever?

Meet Rosângela and her adorable pig she named Lilica

Rosângela bought the piglet 3 years ago with the promise that it would not grow up to be big

However, Lilica didn’t stop growing

Rosangela’s daughter, Larissa, told said that the family was shocked when they saw that the pig was growing every day without thinking to stop. “We always thought it wasn’t going to grow anymore, but then it grew and grew. The proportion of the size that the pig has reached is insane but we love it and it is well taken care of.”

It now weighs about 551 pounds and measures 5 feet

Despite the fact that the pig turned out to be not exactly what Rosângela imagined, it is still adored by its family and even its neighbors

Lilica is raised indoors, as a pet, and shares a room with Rosângela and her husband

According to Larissa, Lilica spends most of the day napping. The pig always does the same activities: it gets up with Rosangela, goes to the bathroom (always in the same place in the backyard of the house), eats breakfast, showers when it is too hot and goes out to graze and root. Lilica has dinner from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and goes to bed at 8:00 pm.

“It’s a stubborn animal! It has a strong personality. When it wants something you cannot stop it. There’s no discussion. It also makes a lot of noise, especially when it’s hungry, it opens the fridge, the cupboard and it makes a mess when it’s upset.”

The pig has its own mattress and eats about 11 pounds of food a day

Lilica receives all the family’s love

The pig draws attention wherever it goes and is liked by a lot of people, especially children

“The pig is best known in the neighborhood, a lot of people like it, especially children. When people see it, they’re surprised, they want to take a picture.”

Even though Rosângela wanted a tiny and cute Wilbur by her side, she got an adorable swine that grew along with her love

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