Are You Seeing Things Again?

“I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Little Owl”

“I Have This Trunk Knot On A Tree In My Backyard That I Always Thought Looked Like A Regency Era Couple Kissing. Today, I Decided To Bring Them To Life”

“The Way My Ice Pack Is Defrosting Looks Like A Polar Bear”

“This Rock That Looks Like A Severed Head”

“The Pattern On My Dogs Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze”

“Woke Up And Discovered My Wife Moved Our Coat Stand Yesterday”

“Cat Formed By Cracks Above My Light Switch”

“My Potato Looks Like It’s Trying To Escape Itself”

“This Blob Of Hand Cream I Squeezed On My Hand Looks Like A Kitten”

“Sun’s Reflection On My Drinking Glass Creates Bart Simpson’s Skull”

“Kawaii Gourd”

“Accidentally Created A Porcupine By Pouring Instant Coffee Over An Americano”

“The Piece Of Paper That Is Frozen To The Back Of My Fridge Looks Like A Wiener Dog”

“Butterfly Looks Like An Animated Fox”

“This Snowman Air Bubble In My Soy Sauce Packet”

“Happy Water Buffalo I Found”

“Blanket In My Dog’s Bed Looks Like A Dog”

“This Chip In My Window Looks A Bit Like A Cat”

“This Rock That Looks Like A Hippopotamus”

“This Purple Carrot Looks Like A Bartender Ready To Take Your Drink Order And Listen To Your Troubles”

“My Stapler And I Feel Similarly About Conference Calls”

“This Sweet Potato Flower Looks Like Little Groot Heads”

“My Bacon Grease Looks Like Lionel Richie”

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