Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Quite A Wholesome Redditor!

One Redditor pointed out that Arnold is not just a terminator, but also an overwhelmingly wholesome bro

The governator’s sweet response to this depressed person has now gone viral

“Reddit, meet Lulu,” said Arnold in the cutest family pic

It turns out, the former Governor of California is a big animal person. Just take a look at this heart-melting pic he shared with Redditors. “Lulu is the mini-donkey. She’s new,” he wrote. He also introduced other members of the gang: “Cherry is the little rescue; her bite is meaner than her bark. And everyone knows Whiskey at this point.”

Another person shared this pic saying “Wholesome Arnold can’t allow people to put themselves down”

To which Arnold had an excellent response

Arnold also turned to Reddit to invite his fans to an advanced screening of Terminator Genisys in Times Square five years ago. During a follow-up Q&A session, one fan asked him about his use of Reddit. He explained: “Well, as you know, I communicate quite frequently.” How could one not notice that? “And I love to listen to the reactions, and I think this is a great form of communicating. It is unfiltered, it’s just pure.”, confessed the former Governor.

The renowned sportsman and movie star is thankful for the online community where he’s able to hear the truth from the people themselves. “I like to hear the truth from the people rather than the press’s interpretation of the truth.” As a result, “this is a way where I don’t really need the press.”

He advised people to never be afraid of failure after another person felt demoralized

Arnold never misses a chance to cheer someone up, even when it’s him who’s being toasted

Plus, he’s a real animal aficionado!

Arnie’s hack: “The best way to recover from skiing: jacuzzi and dog kisses”

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