Artists Try To Outdo Themselves In “Draw This Again” Challenge

11 months: “My 2016 new year’s resolution was to draw every day. Here’s my progress from January to December.”

15+ years: This childish dragon sketch has really evolved into a fierce beast.

One year: The growth in this mystical elf shows that some magic might really exist.

One year: You can really see how technique builds if you keep at it long enough.

9 years: Practice and perseverance really do make perfect.

2 years: A little bit of shading and color correcting really makes a difference.

7 years: Showing this interesting cartoon step-by-step really portrays how growth doesn’t come in a day.

3 months: Shadows and highlights are everything, and this artist proves it.

6 years: When the finished product comes from your own imagination, you can really take it to any level.

8 years: Children’s dreams don’t always go away. They just evolve.

5 years: Improvement is art in itself.

8 months: When you see results like this, it really is payoff enough.

3 years: This mythological man is brought to life with softer edges.

3 months: It’s hard to believe this is the same dog!

One year: If you practice enough, your cartoonish art can look like a realistic masterpiece too!

2 years: Sometimes growth is practice, sometimes it’s materials, sometimes it’s style, but mostly it’s amazing!

8 years: The improvement of this artist makes their sketches look like photographs!

2 years: Sometimes it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

10 years: 2 self-portraits, at age 13 and 23

12 years: The “Draw This Again” original post shows a creature created for her story, and the results are simply phenomenal.

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