Awesome Blackout Curtains

Blackout blinds, or curtains, are no longer just a token of edgy teenage bedrooms. They’re back in style, with a modern twist that will have you clamoring to hang them up in your home. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of blackout blinds and how far they’ve come.

In 1939, Britain enforced a mandatory blackout due to the threat of enemy air strikes. Residents were made to hang thick curtains made of black cotton over their windows at night so that not even a twinkle of light could escape, and even car headlights were to be covered with small shades. Though these were frustrating times, homeowners came to like the privacy and peace blackout curtains provided, and decided to keep them up after the war was over.

The purpose of these dark drapes has now extended far past home safety. Most commercially available blackout curtains are woven extra-tight, and are able to block 99% of light and UV rays. Since they trap sunlight, they also trap heat inside your home, meaning you could save on heating costs during the winter. Stylish new roll-up blackout blinds now come in sleek ‘cut-out’ designs that can turn any window into a glamorous New York or London-inspired city skyline, while still letting minimal light into your home. Check out the best ones on the market below!

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