Tuesday , 18 December 2018

Awesome Dad swaps out kid’s Nintendo Switch when he isn’t looking

As a kid I wanted the Millennium Falcon really bad, so bad that when I need what seemed like an impossible amount of money to buy it I opted to tape my own toy together out of poster paper and color it in myself. Twitter user Mohikan is a kid after my own heart, making the toys he can’t have out of paper. Unlike my parents though his had a pretty good surprise in store.

Some of this story is translate with BING from Japanese so it may be slightly off.

Mohikan’s son “Roca” is into toys and videogames especially as most children are. He has a creative hobby of making the toys his parents cannot afford him.

For Roka though it was an especially good day though. He was playing with his “Nintendo Switch” when he left to take a bath.

And while he was away his dad slipped a real switch into the cardboard one.

He tweeted, “I wonder if he will notice.”

We think he noticed.


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