Awesome Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of And Need To Know About Immediately

Samoyed Guide

You don’t see these guys at the dog park every day.

Appenzeller Sennenhunde


It’s basically a short-haired Bernese Mountain Dog, aka all the fun and half the work! They’re great with kids and livestock. And if you like jogging, GUESS WHAT: so do they! Say hi to your soulmate.



It’s like a greyhound, except do greyhounds have such artfully curly tails? Do they charm everyone around them with their perfectly floppy ears, elegant neck, and doe-like appearance? DIDN’T THINK SO.

Bergamasco Shepherd


THESE DOGS ARE MADE OF DREADS. They’re also really into helping organize livestock/perform any tasks you want, because they’re super smart and view themselves as your equal. They’re basically the dog version of your roommate in college with the Bob Marley poster and unwavering straight A’s.

Bracco Italiano


Were you ever torn between a bloodhound and a beagle? Say no more! These cuties are sporty, cuddly, and brainy — completely impossible not to love. Getting a Bracco Italiano would only vastly improve your life.



These “Split Nose Pointers” are virtually unknown outside of Turkey (except now, and you’re welcome). As you can see, they have distinctive, downright unforgettable noses as a possible result of inbreeding.

Caucasian Ovcharka


Unless you live in, say, the Caucasus Mountains (where this “Russian Bear Hunting Dog” originates from) and need protection from bears and wolves, this dog probably won’t fit your lifestyle. But they’re cute to look at/fantasize about being a shirtless forest warrior with.

Czechoslovakian Vlcak

t’s a wolf dog. A dog that looks like a wolf. It’s a pretty new breed, probably created by fantasy literature fans who knew that the world would one day demand dogs that look like Direwolves. They’re also similar to Direwolves in their behavior, as they’re crazy loyal and only temperamental if not trained properly.

Estrela Mountain Dog


These Portuguese sheep dogs were bred to protect herds from wolves, and just look at that face! Yeah, the breed can be aloof around new people, but, like, so was E.T., and he wasn’t this perfection of a pup.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen


It’s like a schnauzer with basset hound legs/ears! And they’re really friendly and happy all the time. If this doesn’t satisfy you, literally nothing ever will.



This is essentially a golden retriever with Rottweiler coloring. It’s been around for a really long time and almost went extinct in the 13th century, so let’s all take a moment and appreciate this miracle of an animal.

Kai Ken


This rare Japanese breed sheds, like, never and is totally chill about staying indoors. Also, they’ve been depicted in anime, which makes them the best.



You’ve seen these “Dutch spaniels” in 17th-century paintings before. But did you know that they are the most stunning organisms to ever roam this planet? They have black patches of fur on the tips of their ears called “earrings” — what could be more fab?

Lancashire Heeler


The badassery of a Doberman in the package of a corgi. You just have to train them to not bite your ankles when they initially mistake you for sheep, but other than that, you got a perfect pooch!



This dog has better hair than you but also always wants to hang out with you and is down to do whatever. Do you even have a human friend that fits that criteria?



These Hungarian dogs are pro rat catchers and kind of look like they should be a Pokémon. WIN.

Russian Toy


One of the smallest dogs in the world and loves people. Gets bonus points for looking like a member of the Spice Girls from way back when.



This “Dutch sheep poodle” loves to play and gets along well with kids. It is friendliness personified.

Slovensky Cuvac


They don’t like strangers. They only like you. And they look like harp seal cubs. Can you say “BFFs 4 eva”?

Spanish Mastiff


The ideal droopy-faced dog. Plus, thanks to centuries of guarding property and wheeling heavy carts, they are fiercely loyal/would die for you. Just sayin’.

Swedish Lapphund


There are only 1,200 of these in the world, and very few of them exist outside of Sweden. They’ve been used to guard property, hunt, and even herd reindeer. They can do it all!

Wirehaired Vizsla


This dog is sensitive and gentle, and it looks like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. All it needs is a Sherlock hat for your life to be complete.

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