Awesome Guide To The Best DIY Halloween Decorations

Imgur user Allypent always creates DIY decorations that seem to be the best in the neighborhood. And she doesn’t spend tons of money to craft any of them.

Base. Sticks and a skull lashed/glued/taped together. My sister in law wanted to learn how I make my monsters, so i told her to come on over!

Filling him out a bit. Foam sheets, quilt batting, plastic bags… pretty much just whatever I have kicking around.

Finished base hanging in the yard for the messy part. Isn’t he spooky? Hahaha.

After all the fabric is draped! First I mix up some water and a bunch of house paint in a bucket. Then you take your fabric and soak it in the paint. Thrn you just put the paint soaked fabric wherever feels right.

Pretty good for a quick job! I mentioned in my last post that I do leave these outdoors all year, and I live in central/northern Canada.

Finished (except final paint job) first. This guy took two hours with two people working on it.

Made in much the same way

Another of my similar creatures



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