Awesome Idea: Rent Your Own Medieval Castle In Spain

Yes, there’s also a €59.5 ($64.53) but split it and you’ve got yourself a bed in an authentic 10th-century castle for under €28 or $30. But the host of the property, Marc, offers 25% off if you stay for a week and a 50% discount if you book it for a whole month.

The castle is available to rent throughout the whole year.

Home to the castle, Ripollès is the comarca (county) where the Gironese part of the Pyrenees mountains are located. The Puigmal peak is the highest part of the range, standing at 2,913 meters (9,557 feet).

According to Metropolitan Barcelona, the natural beauty of Ripollès is enhanced by other Romanesque churches and castles spread all over the region. These architectural treasures were mostly constructed between the 10th and 12th centuries. This was just after the Count of Barcelona, Wilfred the Hairy, made huge efforts to increase the Catalan population in the area in the ninth century.

The castle was built in the 10th century and has maintained its authentic vibe

If you do choose to stay at the Llaés castle, you can get a better understanding of Romanesque buildings by visiting the monasteries of Santa Maria in Ripoll (the comarca’s capital), Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Sant Pere in the town of Camprodon. Of course, as mentioned before, there are many smaller examples to be explored as well.

But Ripollès is known for more than its landscape and architecture. The region has a rich industrial history, and its efforts accelerated the development of Catalunya in general. People have been mining iron and coal for centuries there, as well as undertaking other metalwork, papermaking, and other endeavors.

Stone walls and ceilings with exposed beams allow guests to really immerse themselves into its history

And there’s plenty of space to relax in

Even a pet lives at the castle full time

Chandeliers and wooden furniture add a lot to the unique experience as well

The property has 11 beds in 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms

A veranda overlooking the breathtaking surroundings

100% of recent guests gave the location a 5-star rating

The hosts live on the property, offering to help their visitors around the clock with anything they need

There’s even a church on the property

And plenty of rivers, valleys, and mountains to explore

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