BARN FIND Lamborghini Brought Back To Life

An awesome automotive photographer named Jeremy Cliff documented finding an iconic Lamborghini.

Between the years of 1966-’69, only 275 Lamborghini Miura P400s were ever produced…this 1967 is one of them.

Jeremy created a video interviewing the current owner “Bill”.

The video explains how Bill’s “crazy Uncle” couldn’t find parts for the Lambo which led to the Miura getting forgotten for 27 years.

Before getting to the video, let’s look at this rare find.

“The garage where the car sat from 1988 until May of 2015.”

“First peek.”

The P400 was powered by a 3.9-liter V12 engine that churned out 345 horsepower.

But the Miura isn’t “iconic” for performance, it’s the car’s design that would go on to influence future design of supercars.

Both the mid-engine layout and its sleep design would thrust Lamborghini into comparisons with the long standing Italian king of supercars…and created a rivalry between Lambo and Ferrari.

Take 5-minutes to check-out the story and LISTEN to the SOUND of the Bull as if fires back to life.

Watch full story above.

Current owner, “Bills first look after the doors were pulled back”.

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