Barno Morning Picdump (40 Pics)

Quiet, crisp mornings are the best with Barnorama Morning Picdump.

“A local restaurant offers a woman’s meal that is half the food of a man’s meal but for only a dollar less.”

“This cafe is open 2 hours a week”

“This building I’m in has a hole that goes across all the floors”

“Walmart in my city has their spices all in a big bin”

“My son and I have the same 2-freckle spot on our hands”

“I came across this hexagon/pentagon structured mushroom”

“McDonald’s has new reusable containers for dine in orders now”

“My 1st grader lost a tooth during class and the school sent it home in this tiny, tooth-shaped container.”

“Costco’s pepperoni pizza has fewer calories than the plain cheese”

“A ring with a secret stash”

“Train weels have a contact area of about one fingernail, as seen in this picture”

“My water brand switched from shrinkwrap to paper wrapping”

“This grocery store men’s restroom had a selection of free diapers”

“Guy walking around with crossbow, guitar, and dog”

“My flashlight has a square beam”

“My Apple has Chinese characters on the peel”

“My primary doctor has a bobblehead of himself at the front desk”

“My daughter got a globe ball with only america on it”

“No Crocs allowed on airport escalators”

“I saw a pool inside a living room today.”

“My friends’ cat Bianca has thumbs”

“R2-D2 plane spotted at LAX”

“Some cell towers are disguised as trees”

“My frozen pizza from Costco came with a bonus crust”

“Street light projection art installation crashed when I walked by”

“Table stain at restaurant looks like the Eye of Sauron”

“Cat eye color matches chair perfectly”

“This bike shop used old bike frames to make security window bars.”

“Mixing hot and cold”

“There was a seashell in my sea salt”

“This Bread I Bought Expires on the 29th of February”

“Moon aligned with Jupiter, and Venus”

“Rose ice cream cones”

“This 3D-printed dragon on the fireplace”

“This tree after an ice storm in Illinois…”

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