Barno Morning Picdump (40 Pics)

Quiet, crisp mornings are the best with Barnorama Morning Picdump.

“My husband got me a bouquet of mushrooms”

“My All Black Cat Had Five All White Kittens”

“The comparisons used on this construction site for falling objects”

“The wearoff from the cashiers shoes at this shops checkout”

“These fresh Sesame Balls were so hot they started melting dents/holes in their styrofoam container”

“This vintage calculator is transparent so it could be displayed via overhead projector”

“I put a green leaf into resin 6 months ago and now it’s brown and silver”

“Neighbor hangs umbrella off the side of the building to block the sun”

“Light looks like donkey from shrek”

“Some birds built a nest in one of my relative’s grill, while it was still closed”

“Cool bike repair equipment on a bike path”

“The inside of a Coke Freestyle machine”

“Skinniest house in America”

“The key fob for the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 looks like the Hyundai logo”

“Months of paint buildup”

“This double sliced piece of bread that allowed me to have two hot dogs at once”

“Found a lizard incubator in my in-laws outlet box”

“I found a Honda engine in the middle of the woods”

“The way this person balances pizza boxes on their head”

“I painted rainbows on my client’s hair today”

“I saw the Pizza Planet truck on my way home from work today”

“It looks like this Carl’s Jr is giving itself 1 out of 4 stars”

“Mutant asparagus at the grocery store”

“This starship enterprise pizza cutter”

“The hotel we stayed in has a pup of the week”

“Fry Vending Machine i found today”

“Pyramid of flaky salt on my everything bagel.”

“This old building has curved glass windows.”

“A tree in my neighborhood has two different blossom colors”

“Fireplace on the first floor of a medieval ruin”

“This USB Stick has a tiny HDD in it”

“McDonalds not providing straws anymore (Germany, Hamburg)”

“Ants forming a bridge to cross a slightly open gate”

“Dude in my area walking around with a corded phone”


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