Barno Morning Picdump (40 Pics)

Quiet, crisp mornings are the best with Barnorama Morning Picdump.

“My baby carrot looks like a crab leg.”

“Turtles have made a “Highway” between a little pond and the river”

“30 year old Addams Family Pinball Machine during restoration”

“My sushi looks poorly photoshopped on my plate”

“The Atlanta Airport’s fire department has a twisty slide in their firehouse”

“Key fob I carried with me almost every day for eleven years next to one that was never used and hanging a safe.”

“The ball of a ballpoint pen”

“This guy laser-scanning every room in our building in order to create a new floor plan”

“A FedEx driver delivering a package to a UPS Store.”

“A brown target store.”

“Layers of paint on the stage at my local theatre.”

“Cheese vending machine”

“Bees Swarmed on my street attached to car”

“Found a 50 caliber casing from 1945 washed onto the beach.”

“Big Brutus – largest still standing electric shovel. 160′ to the top of the boom.”

“Saw a flying ship at work today.”

“Ziploc now gives you fewer bags but puts them in a larger carton”

“This dark sunflower growing in my garden”

“I found this old Nintendo gaming console from 1982 in my parent’s house”

“My local coffee shop offers a single gummy worm as a food option”

“Baby skunk fell asleep in my hand yesterday as I returned it to its burrow.”

“I came across houses being 3D printed”

“My roommate bought a patch that looks exactly like her cat”

“The last “E” of my welcome mat has faded off”

“A bumper completely filled with warning reflectors”

“Behind the counter sinks in a fast food restaurant. No handles, just pedals.”

“This sweet potato with human looking veins”

“A traffic light filled with spiderwebs.”

“Saturn during the day”

“My wife and kid going to a Halloween themed birthday party in May.”

“Bench and bike rack are the same object, just different orientation and colors”

“This chocolate bar with irregular sections.”

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