Barno Morning Picdump (50 Pics)

Quiet, crisp mornings are the best with Barnorama Morning Picdump.

“This laptop has a trackpad above the keyboard”

“A young chameleon, found in my yard.”

“Just passed Jay Leno driving a steam powered car near the Burbank airport.”

“Bees on a Plane”

“This gummy brand of candies from Norway have boobs on half of the gummies.”

“I accidentally squished my glasses into my eyeball and it captured a perfect imprint of my eye, including the cornea”

“My daughter’s pediatrician has higher door handles so kids can’t run out of the room”

“One of my new sponges is missing an eye..”

“My cat came home with a crayfish claw clamped to her paw”

“One digit combination lock on hotel gate”

“Kebap Shop indicates where to start eating.”

“I had a tendon transplant in my finger and they’re using a button, sewn through my fingernail, to hold the new tendon in place while it heals.”

“A Glory hole for photographers at local airport.”

“Pool themed restrooms in a Hotel”

“Sign at a restaurant claiming they closed to take the staff to Vegas.”

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