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The Hottest April Hunter Photos On The Net – 12thblog

7 Proven Ways to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction – Becoming Minimalist

Which Goods are Most Traded Between U.S. & China? – How Much

Raver at music festival gives out free milk from her jugs (nsfw) – The Blemish

Scariest Haunted Houses in America – Gunaxin

Five Lies You’ve Been Told About Your Butthole – Mel Magazine

Paul Allen’s 414-foot superyacht is for sale for $325 million – Business Insider

The kids were screaming and driver allegedly was wasted – Trending Views

Average Salary for XFL Player Will Reportedly Be $55,000 – Yahoo

Meet Hot Insta Model Erika Wheaton – G-Celeb

Mom Forces Her Son To Fight, Son Tells Mom “ F*ck You” After Getting Beat – Fly Height

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