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Random pics of the week – Leenks

Comedian’s Sports Voiceovers Are Almost Better Than The Real Thing (15 Vids) – Linkiest

How Did MTV Become the ‘Ridiculousness’ Network? – The Ringer

Uber Driver Makes $100k A Year Driving 84 Hours A Week – Motherboard

The Most Important Question Of Your Life – Mark Manson

25 Beers That Changed America – Thrillist

8 Steps To Mastering Money So You Don’t Go Broke – Return Of Kings

The 10 Essential Traits of Alpha Males – PJ Media

How Much Do CEOs of Fortune 100 Companies Make? – Pricenomics

The Descendants of Famous People: How They Live and Who They Have Become – Bright Side

The Best Way to Wipe Your Butt, According to the Experts – Mental Floss

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