Barno Weblinks Collection

Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

A damn fine collection of sexy women – Leenks

Hot Girls Bored At Work – The Viraler

60 Hot And Sexy Claudia Gadelha Photos – 12thblog

The Delayed Movies of 2020, Ranked by Their Trailers – The Ringer

Gaming the system: How GameStop stock surged 1,500% in nine months – ARS Technica

Influencer Brags About Her Easy Life In Bali On Twitter, Gets Deported Over It – Bored Panda

Visualized: The World Leaders In Positions of Power (1970-Today) – Visual Capitalist

How Long Does Immunity Last After Getting Over COVID? – Life Hacker

Report: Biden Admin Discovers Trump Had Zero Plans For COVID Vaccine Distribution – TPM

Korean scientists developed a technique for diagnosing prostate cancer from urine within only 20 minutes with almost 100% accuracy, using AI and a biosensor, without the need for an invasive biopsy – Eureka

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