Barno Weblinks Collection

Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

A damn fine collection of babes, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Top 10 Things Society Got Horrifically Wrong – Listverse

Facebook working on Instagram for kids under 13 – AP News

50 Hot And Semi-Nude Lili Simmons Photos – 12thblog

Merle Australian Shepherds – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying or Adopting – Ned Hardy

School Shooting in Russia Leaves at Least 8 Dead, Including Children – NPR

Chaos unfolds overnight in a street takeover after a crash in Los Angeles – Streamable

Gunman Murders Two Virginia Reporters in Attack Broadcast on Live TV – Leenks

A Brain Implant Made Mice Immediately Become Friends – Futurism

L.A. County expected to hit COVID-19 herd immunity by end of July – LA Times

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