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Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

Random pics of the day – Leenks

Tech billionaire allegedly kept spreadsheet of 5,000 women he had sex with – NY Post

The Hottest Amanda Cerny Photos Around The Net – 12thblog

Brian Laundrie killed himself with a gunshot wound to the head, autopsy report reveals – The Guardian

Is the Four-Day Workweek Finally Within Our Grasp? – NY Times

Samsung set to announce new $17 billion advanced chip plant in Texas – The Verge

Mobs of looters target Bay Area retailers for third straight day – CBS

Apple Accelerates Work on Car Project, Aiming for Fully Autonomous Vehicle – Bloomberg

Health Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice – Unfinished Man

Watch NASA and SpaceX Launch the First Asteroid Defense Test In History – VICE

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