Barno Weblinks Collection

Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

Random pics of the week – Leenks

7 most famous female killers – Linkiest

One of the best board games of all time is now 60% off! – Amazon

Addison Rae And Her Hot Ass – 12thblog

SpaceX launches NASA’s mission to collide with an asteroid [Update] – ARS Technica

U.S. jobless claims fall to just 199,000, the lowest level since 1969 – CNBC

Please, Football Gods, Let the Lions Win a Damn Game – The Ringer

Roblox sues YouTuber for temporarily shutting down conference with fake terrorist threat – The Verge

These girls have totally perfect bodies (nsfw) – Leenks

Get fire extinguishers. Stop putting it off. The cost is nothing compared to the risk. Get one per floor and don’t get the cute little ones – get 5lb or 10lb models – these will get you between 10 and 20 seconds of spray – Amazon

Booty Show and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken

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