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Random pics of the day – Leenks

40 Almost Nude Sonam Kapoor Photos – 12thblog

25 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies, But Are Actually True – Linkiest

This Keyboard Lets People Type So Fast It’s Banned From Typing Competitions – Motherboard

Apple reportedly wants nothing to do with Zuck’s metaverse – Mashable

This Gruesome Chinese War Epic Was (Nearly) 2021’s True Global Box Office Champ – Mel Magazine

90 Day Fiance star switches to selling fart jar NFTs after heart attack scare – Dexerto

Binance boss CZ is reportedly worth $96 billion, rivaling Mark Zuckerberg — and that’s without counting his personal crypto holdings – Market Insider

Kid Smashes Through Glass Wall Trying To Catch The Bus (video) – Leenks

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