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Random pics of the day – Leenks

40+ Almost Nude Emily Blunt Photos – 12thblog

“The World’s Sexiest Athlete” Alica Schmidt Shows Off in a Dress – Egotastic Sports

Top 100 Radiohead Songs, Ranked – The Ringer

In Egypt, around 17000 divorce cases in 2018 cited “Candy Crush” as the cause of divorce – Egypt Today

How to get your kid to do stuff without having to constantly remind them – VOX

Walmart Dangles $110,000 Starting Pay to Lure Truck Drivers – WSJ

Canada to Ban Foreigners From Buying Homes as Prices Soar – Bloomberg

Judge Judy Owns Irresponsible And Litigious Woman Who Has 5 Kids (video) – Leenks

Albert Pujols Divorces Wife Days After Her Brain Surgery – Yahoo

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