Barno Weblinks Collection

A daily dose of interesting and funny pictures.

Girls in yoga pants – Leenks

Hot Romanian Tennis Player Susanna Giovanardi – 12thblog

Bad girls bend at the waist (34 Photos) – The Chive

This is the first image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way – NPR

‘I lost my life savings’: Terra Luna cryptocurrency collapses 98% overnight – Independent

Japan once led global tech innovation. How did it fall so behind? – Rest of World

Easily The Worst Parking Attempt Of The Decade (video) – Leenks

If you have a nice pair of headphones, consider getting an amp. The amp makes the sound less distorted and much more juicy, more alive, more oompf – Amazon

10 Reasons Women Marry Serial Killers – Listverse

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