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Babe perfection – Leenks

50 Hot Girls With Bodaciously Beautiful Butts – 12thblog

From The Real-Life ‘Conjuring’ To A Satanic Nun, Explore 9 Horrifying Tales Of Demonic Possession – All That’s Interesting

The Best Horror Movies of the ’90s – Den of Geek

This Ultra Rare 1990 Ferrari Testarossa Spider Is Headed for Auction – The Drive

Satan Still Blushes Every Time Metal Bands Write a Song About Him – Hard Times

The KEF Q150 are 50% on sale again! A pair of speakers that will bless your ears with auditory bliss – Amazon

Fed up with poor broadband Acess man starts his own ISP instead of paying 50k to Comcast. Receives 2.6M in federal funding to expand service – NPR

Guy shows up to NYC bar dressed as Nazi – Reddit

Considering that I’ve been using the same set of rechargeable batteries for at least 3-4 years already, a good Battery Charger is definitely worth it – Amazon

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