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This is super convenient during the winter. I don’t have to spend 5-10 minutes defrosting my car and scraping ice off of the windshield. It allows me to just get in my car and go – Amazon

The Hottest Photos Of Jenna Fischer – 12thblog

His Best Friend is a Sex Addict Who Is Hitting On His Girlfriend. He Wants to Know What to Do – Brass Pills

Ari Shaffir Issues Statement After His Comments About Kobe Bryant’s Death Backfire – Complex

Man Spends $6 Million On Super Bowl Ad To Thank Vet For Saving His Dog’s Life – Daily Snark

Stunning Lifestyle Photos of the Remote Mongolians who Hunt with Eagles – The Vintage News

Japanese Model Divorces Husband One Week into Marriage, After Being Told to Spend Less – Oddity Central

This Nursing Home For The Elderly With Mental Problems Took An Unusual Approach To Design – Bored Panda

AT&T loses another 1.2 million TV subscribers as DirecTV keeps tanking – ARS Technica

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