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Random pics of the day – Leenks

15 facts that should be common knowledge but aren’t – Linkiest

45 Sexy Side Boob Pics – 12thblog

China’s Spy Balloon Over Montana Is Part Of A Larger, More Troubling Pattern – The Drive

The glories of dining out alone: Solo dining is one of life’s great pleasures — and privileges – VOX

If you want to add some pizzazz to your room, add these nano-leaf leds – Amazon

NFL star Chad Ochocinco saved 80% of his career earnigns by flying coach and wearing fake jewelry – Upworthy

30-year-old Bobi breaks record for world’s oldest dog ever – CBS

9 Dangerous Thing You Should Never Do on Your Router – How To Geek

Are people buying houses again? – The Hustle

One of the best non-gaming mouse out there for multitasking and productivity – Amazon

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