Barno Weblinks Collection

Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

Girls in yoga pants – Leenks

15 people reveal the lies they’ve been telling their spouses – Linkiest

Veronika Rajek, Tom Brady’s Girlfriend In A Red Bikini – 12thblog

Why do high IQ people stagnate in their careers? Emotional intelligence – Big Think

Forget regret! How to have a happy life – according to the world’s leading expert – The Guardian

How to Be an Actually Good Roommate – VICE

Most car detailers agree that this one of the best vacuums you can get for cleaning the interior – Amazon

Ten Harsh Realities of Common Jobs in the Old West – Listverse

Pizza delivery man has to deal with insufferable jerks at a used car dealership (video) – Leenks

Hook yourself up with these super soft bed sheets. It makes laying down for 8 hours such a more rewarding experience – Amazon

10+ Famous People With Surprising Family Secrets – Mind Blow

I absolutely love these slides, it’s like walking on clouds – Amazon

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