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Random pics of the day – Leenks

40+ Hot Rosa Salazar Big Ass Photos – 12thblog

Data Compression Drives the Internet. Here’s How It Works – Quanta

A Good Samaritan intervenes to assist a man who is being assaulted by three women – Reddit

How to Get Into “Himalayan Shape” A training blueprint for those with zero plans of actually climbing Everest – Inside Hook

All Stephen King Movies Ranked, From Worst To Best – Screen Rant

Tesla Model 3 ‘Go-Kart’ Is an Electric Deathtrap That’ll Do 0-60 in 2.4 Seconds – The Drive

What Ever Happened To Seinfeld’s Michael Richards? – VL Wanderer

High School Catcher Delivers A Nasty Elbow (video) – Leenks

The Best Music of 2023 So Far – Pitchfork

Nifty little card-sized multitool that you can stuff in your wallet and have a few tools at your disposal, should you need it – Amazon

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