A Beauty Snd The Beast Magical Rose Actually Exists, And They’ll Last For 3 Years

Ever received flowers so beautiful, you wished they would last a lifetime? Well, now that’s possible!

Thanks to Forever Roses – a flower company that creates Beauty and the Beast-style roses, you can now have a rose that will live forever (or at least for 3 years)! The beautiful flowers, some of which cost as much as $4000, can live as long as 3 years without sunlight or water. If the flowers are kept underneath a glass dome, however, they are said to last forever!

There are tons of colors to choose from, as well as different arrangements. Their most popular rose is the single stem Bella rose in a glass dome, which is available in 29 colors and starts from $200. You can also find some cheaper alternatives on Etsy for just $90. It’s a floral fairytale!

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